Friday, April 21, 2017

Chapter 9 The Great Gatsby

Why would people just now start to be interested in who Gatsby really was? They never took the time to seek him out ad actually have a conversations before so why, once he is dead, is it that people now seek to to know the man that they all relied on to throw the grandest parties. Gatsby became a social pariah for the tabloids to spin a story of complete fiction. Why did Fitzgerald have no one be able to/ want to attend Gatsby's funeral. Would there ever be a reason for Nick to try and clear Gatsby's name in good faith of him. Why would tom and Daisy just skip town out of nowhere? Mr. Gatz seems to still be so proud and fond of his on even though he left him in the past. Jordan was never rumored to be in any other relationship besides her and Nick so why is he lying and acting like she does;t care all and she is now engaged to someone else? I think once Nick leaves and goes to Minnesota he will feel an undeniable relief lift off of his shoulders and will be very peaceful. I think Nicks last time in Gatsby's house sitting on the beach is him finally letting, not only this place go, but everyone who came with it, including Gatsby.

Chapter 7 The Great Gatsby

I think Gatsby does everything in his power to lure Daisy in at any chance given, whether this bee good or bad its seems to be a habit that Gatsby has created for himself. By calling off his parties I think it is kind of a sign to her but also the people who highly depend on his parties that there is something more important going on. I think the heat symbolizes the intensity of how the day is going to go. I think Daisy's disinterest in her own child shows really what kind of person she is and how shallow she can really be. If Gatsby and Daisy had planned on keeping their relationship a screech, thy did they make it so obvious to Tom that something more than a friendship was going on. What is the significance of Tom driving Gatsby's car? If Tom is certain about Gatsby and Daisy's feelings for each other why would he pout them in the same car? Wouldn't he want them to spend less time together rather than more? I predict that Wilson may not follow through with moving Myrtle to the west until he find out who she was cheating with. What is the significance of Gatsby lying about his history with Oxford and how long he went there. I don't really understand how Daisy could almost abandon Gatsby just over some argument about who loves who and for how long. How could Nick forget his own birthday? I don't really understand the reason for Fitzgerald killing off myrtle other than to create an even broader and more intense crisis. Why would Gatsby take the blame for Daisy? Does;t he suspect that she is to return to Tom after the fight in New York? I guess he sees it as he will never have her and why he give her a bad life just because he couldn't repeat the past.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Chapter 5 The Great Gatsby

Why would Gatsby leave his house lit up in the first place? If this is all about Daisy why is Gatsby so obsessed with pleasing Nick when he really has not much of an influence over Daisy in the first place. If Nick had taken Gatsby's offer what would the job entail? Also if Wolfshein wasn't involved who could Gatsby also be in business with? The rainy symbolize that inviting Daisy over is a bad idea and may be the world putting up obstacles to try and have Daisy not show. Obviously there have been reconcilable conversation to have Daisy and Gatsby being this happy. How could you just completely forget that some one else is in the house with you? Would Nick ever endorse Gatsby and Daisy getting back together and Daisy divorcing Tom?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gatsby Chapter 4

Why is Gatsby so concerned with spending the majority of his time with Nick now. What is the significance of making Gatsby such an eclectic character through have so many jobs and doing so many things? Did Nick have any presumptuous thought about where Gatsby came from? What could the white card dignify for Gatsby getting out of a ticket? If Gatsby is connected to Wolfshiem, could he potentially be someone who eventually becomes Gatsby's enemy? I think Wolfshiem may or may not have a bigger part of the story. Why is Jordan spreading Gatsby's personal remarks about Daisy to Nick when she doesn't even know him that well? Gatsby seems to be the kind of guy who fights for what he wants and seeing as though now he might come back into contact with Daisy, he might make a huge move to get her back and away from Tom.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Color of Water 22-25 + EPILOGUE

So when Dee-Dee said she was to never speak to her sister, she really meant it even after all these years. Enough for her 20 year old son to know about the feud and not even try ad talk to her to spare his mothers feelings. With the recording of Aubrey would that really hurt his mother that much? She really despised that whole town and everyone that had associated with her family in it? I feel like James going to Suffolk is really making him realize what his mom all went through and is starting to understand as to why she ever talked about that portion of her life.

It was very taboo at the time for awhile woman to be dating let alone married to a black man. I kind of like/ understand why they decided to have a courtroom marriage. But it is also sad that they knew they couldn't invite anyone with out a bigger mess being ignited. Not only was Ruth now alone with 8 children but the either child didn't even have the chance to meet his father before he died. It does;t say in the book whether or not Dennis was a smoker but could that have been the cause of his cancer?

Why wouldn't Ruth keep up with the church even though her husband died. She instead got involved with a different church. This doesn't make sense to me. It is really good that she took a different turn for her speech.

Why didn't he mis the 2 professions he loved and chose to write music? It's like killing 2 birds with one stone. Writing about his life is what made him who he is. Analyzing all of what happened and went on made him realize where he come from who is he is. Ruth filly accepted the past instead running from it. I wonder if Ruth finally realizes all of the love that her children and grandchildren and pretty much everyone around has for her.

This is the final step for Ruth. The final acceptance and forgiveness for the childhood life she was forced live. That the jewish church and Dee-Dee and Mameh and Tahteh are apart of her life but James and Delaware and the rest of her children are her true life.

Color of Water Chapter 18-21

What is the significance of James's family not being able to afford living in New York? Would Delaware end up being a good fit for the family and why of all places did they choose Delaware? James finding Jazz is huge turning point and influential part to the story and his life. Would the Dawson's ever help James with his jazz career in the future? If all of James's sibling had similar education as him and they all went to college why was he so worried about getting into Oberlin.

Could the mothers ties with Jame's father being a violinist have affected him with the fact of him loving jazz? By already having the musical gene in him. Was Tateh ever truly in love Mameh because right when she became sick and James's mom started taking care of her, he began the affair with the woman living near them. What is the significance of Ruth being so mad at her father. Even with her sister still living in Virginia and begging her to come back, I don't think Ruth was ever going to go back. She always wanted to get away from that life (her parents mostly) so I think her giving up her sister was the first step to completely leaving them.

What is the significance/ correlation between James breaking up with his girlfriend and then diving head first into his mothers past. I didn't see the Shilsky family as very welcoming and nicely memorably people but to Eddie they were quite the bunch.

Why does the rest of the family literally freak out when Ruth wants to return to her life after Bubeh's death? I feel like this was the last straw for Dee-Dee and having to deal with Ruth leaving her all the time. What did her family have so against her marrying a black man? Why was it any of their business? Even with her aunt saying to stay away why would she listen to her? That's her mother! Now she has to live with never saying goodbye to mother because she was just too stubborn.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Chapter 3 The Great Gatsby

Relates the flood of people at the neighbors to high tide of the ocean. Did Gatsby ever enjoy his own parties? Or was his parties really just for the people and he is just accustom to these things now? What is the significance of Nick being the only one invited? Gatsby certainly did not like being the sot light for someone that hosts such extravagant parties. What could be going on between Jordan and Gatsby? I feel like when Nick met Gatsby it really solidified the whole situation around him and he really started to like where he is.